8 Steps to Cleaning Your Split

Air Conditioning System at Home 

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Here are 8 steps to cleaning your split conditioning unit yourself, at home, without a professional. First let me touch on the benefits of doing this. Saving money, increased cool air, cleaner air.

Before we begin please note, the only area of the unit that holds electrical components is well protected and consists of about 10% of the entire unit.


Things You'll Need:

    Okay, lets begin with a list of items you will need:

    • Safe chemical detergent that is not industrial strength. These could be damaging. • PePerhaps a kitchen de-greasing product.
    • Wash bag.


Clean the unit while it is still mounted on the wall. Dismounting not needed. Dismounting not needed.


Step 1

Remove front cover and filters.

Step 2

• Put the wash bag around the air conditioning fan unit.

Step 3

• Spray chemical cleaner onto coils and the fan rotor. Make sure you get this spray all

around the rotor blade.

Step 4

• Wait the recommended time for the cleaner to work or until it’s well soaked in.

Step 5

• Rinse the fan coil, rotor blade with clean water using your pressure sprayer jet.

Step 6

• Remove the wash bag and dispose of that waste in the toilet. Note: Turn on air ``conditioner before removing bag to allow the excess water on the rotor blade to spin ``off into the bag.

Step 7

Wipe dry and replace the filters and put the cover back on.

Step 8

Done! This can be repeated every 3 months for fresh, cool, clean air maintenance


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